Little Cinderella, Cindy Hope, Lela Star, Lindy Lane and Victoria White in "First Cumshots"

It is always very fun and interesting to go in search of the first performances on the set by famous actresses of today. So hardest instead find castings of hardcore stars of past years, that today finished their careers. In contemporary porn the castings videos is very popular (an example is a director and actor as Pierre Woodman who has built on this his fame), once it was not. With the help of the Internet, however, occasionally we find a gem. Is the case of Little Cinderella, texan artist of the '90s, which we found that we propose today an audition on the page "First Cumshots". Moving a little later with years, we propose the first scene shot by the beautiful hungarian artist Cindy Hope (pictured) and a casting shot entirely in POV of the cuban-american diva, Lela Star. Finally two more clips, taken from the series "Casting Couch". It is not in this case the absolute beginning, "Casting Couch" usually uses actresses who are already around even if still emerging, but the performances of Lindy Lane (in this video was still using the alias of Mindy Lynn) and Victoria White are so beautiful that it is worth admiring. To see our new videos click the link "First Cumshots" located to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages